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Our first projects have mainly ben in the naval sector. The main focus of our first year of business has been the Manta Moth, achieving great results in the extremely adnvanced and competitive International Moth class. 

This has given us experience and confidence in our design, simulaton and production processes.

We are a young and evolving team that is always looking for new challenges and exeriences. 

Manta Moth

The Manta Moth has probably been one of the most satisfying projects the company has worked on; the boat is the combination of countless design hours and an equal amount of prototyping and refining.

The "Manta Moth" is a prereg-nomex platform, with high modulus carbon fibre foils, keeeping the weight of the entire boat (platform +foils) under 30kgs. 

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 The E-Foiler is yet another project which we have been involved with from the design phase. 

A smaller project (scale wise) to the Manta Moth project, but a very valuable one nonetheless, which helped us better understand the capabilities of 3D printing both as a tool and final part producer.

Windsurfing & Kitsurfing

Following on from the success Manta Moth has had and the interest we have recieved in our foils we are now looking to enter the windsurfing and kitesurfing markets. 


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Custom carbon handlebar for Triathlon bikes

Common armwrests are readily available on the market for triathlon bikes. However most athletes find them uncomfortable and tend to use a lot of padding.

 Together with a local professional triathlon athlete we are developing a way, via 3-D scanning, to customize armwrests for each rider. The armwrests are then built using pre-preg carbon fibre making them lighter and stiffer. 

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