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Garda Carbon Lab S.r.l

Quality and precision

 Garda Carbon Lab has managed, over the years, to become completely independent in the processing of composite materials from 3D modeling, to milling, to lamination.  Through our "Quality Control" department equipped with ultrasonic inspection machinery and high grade 3D scanners, Garda Carbon Lab is able to guarantee and certify not only the geometrical tolerance of each component but also their structural integrity.


The company also invests annually in the development of new processes and new technologies to remain competitive in an

increasingly competitive market. It is precisely thanks to this that Garda Carbon Lab is able to manage any type of request and

ad implement appropriate production processes.

The business spans 800m2, and is divided into two main  areas: 


L'azienda inoltre investe annulamente in nuovi processi e nuovi

tecnologie per rimanere competitivi in un mercato in continua eapnsione;

e' proprio grazie questo che Garda Carbon Lab riesce a gestire qualsisi

tipo di richiesta e ad implementare l'adeguato processo produttivi. 

L'azeinda si sviluppa su 800m2 di terreno, ed e' suddivisa in due zone: 


-Technical office
- Clean Room
- Fabric cutting department
- Lamination department
- “QC” department - Quality control

Zone A

Zone A


- Tooling department
- Assembly and bonding department
- Trimming department
- Curing ovens department
- "Finishing" department

Zone B

Zone B

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