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Garda Carbon Lab S.r.l Services

We are always looking to satisfy our client needs to their fullest; wether those involve 3-D modelling, prototyping or manufacturing we always try and find the best feasable solution. 

Our in house capabilities allow us to cover most, if not all stages, of the production of a composite part. 

3D CAD Modelling

Rhiceros, Solidworks, Fusion 360; our team has great expertise in using most 3D modelling softwares and can without a doubt help with any project you have in mind from simple 2-dimensional patterns to 3-dimensional complex geometries. 

Our computing capabilities also allow us to deliver services such as CFD  analysis and simulations within reasonanble timeframes. 

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Composite Part Manufacturing

Our firm has specialized in the manufacturing of composite parts.
The main material we focus on is pre-impregnated carbon fibre; we have great expertise in closed mould processing (with or without foam core), bladder moulding, trapped silicone moulding and simple vacuum assisted processes. 
We also have experience in dry fabric processes such as infusion and RTM which can be cheaper alternatives for prototyping and initial testing.

In addition Garda Carbon Lab, has adopted the use of the Autoclave for curing parts that require improved surface finish, better tolerance and greater strength. 

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CNC Milling and 3-D printing

With our 4-axis CNC machine we are able to rapidly move from the design stage to the prototyping stage and then onto the final production stage of a composite part. 

We can machine a variety of materials for tooling or final producton including:

-Aluminium Alloys

-Carbon and Glass Fibre reinforced plastics

-Epoxy resin boards

-PU Foams, MDF
Fo smaller parts, more specifiaclly in the prototyping phase, we make use of our FDM 3D printing machines, which is often a faster and cheaper option.

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- 1x 4 axis CNC milling machine (working area L2.5m, W1.5m, H0.4m)

- 1x Composite cutting plotter with multiple tools (1.8m width, conveyor belt)

-1x Curing oven for composites with data logging (L2m, W0.7m, H0.5m) for temperatures up to 150Deg.

- 1x Curing oven for composites with data logging (L3.75m, L2.5m, H1.1m) for temperatures up to 110 °.

-1x spray booth (L5m, W4m, H2,8m)

- 1x FDM 3D printer (L310mm, W310mm, H600mm)

- 1x Autoclave 2mx4.5m (13Bar Max pressure, 260deg Max temp.) 

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