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Whether it is 3D modeling, prototyping or production of composite components, or the creation of molds, our company is the ideal partner for you. Our design team, together with our tooling department and our lamination department allow us to cover most, if not all stages of the production of a composite component. 

Technical office 

The technical staff is made up of three engineers who are in charge of the analysis of 3D and 2D drawings, lamination sheets and of the tooling/machinery department.

Our team is highly experienced in using most 3D modeling software for example: Rhinoceros, Solidworks, Fusion 360

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Composite Part Manufacturing

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Over the years our company has specialized in the production of carbon fiber components. 

We have great experience in the different processing techniques of pre-impregnated materials, such as: closed mold lamination (with or without "core"), "bladder molding", vacuum molding, autoclave curing, "trapped silicone molding ".

We also have experience in dry tissue processes such as infusion and RTM which can be more economical alternatives for prototyping and early prototypes.
In addition, Garda Carbon Lab also boasts the use of the autoclave for the cure of some specific components. 

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Tooling/Mould Department 

Having two numerically controlled milling machines (a 3 Axis and a 5 Axis machine) the modeling department has the ability to mill any material from the hardest steels to aluminum alloys, to epoxy or polyurethane resins for the creation of models or moulds. 

Garda Carbon Lab also offers the possibility of milling carbon fiber molds or components in our 5 axis machine.

For smaller parts, more specifically in prototyping, we use our 3D printers (FDM), which can sometimes be a faster and cheaper alternatives.

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QC Department

Equipped with cutting-edge equipment, Garda Carbon Lab guarantees not only the geometric tolerance of components but also their structural integrity according to ISO 9712 standards. 

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