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Garda Carbon Lab is equipped with the best equipment for the design, production and geometric or structural analysis of carbon fiber components:


Clean Room ISO 8

- 150m2 

- Temperature and Humidity control 

- ISO 8 certified

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Fabric Cutting

1x Numerical control cutting plotter with multiple tools (1.8 m wide, rotating belt) located in temperature and humidity controlled room

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Laminating area

- 200 m2 designated for pre-impregnated lamination of large-sized components (outside the clean room)

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5 Axis mill

5 Axis Milling Machine (4m x 2m x 1.2m) → Milling machine dedicated to the milling of models or molds in resins or light alloys or to the milling or trimming of composite materials.

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3 Axis vertical mill

Doosan 3-axis Vertical Mill (1020mm x 540mm x 510mm) → Dedicated to the milling of molds or components in light alloys, steels and other super alloys.

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Trimming/bonding Booth

~70m2 Area dedicated to the bonding of components and to the lamination of dry fabrics.
- Trimming booth (5m x 4m) with dust extraction.




- 1x Autoclave 4500 x Ø2000 mm (225°C @ 15 bar)
- 1x Composite polymerization oven with data logging
(8500x6500x1500 mm @ 130°C)
- 1x Composite polymerization oven with data logging
(2000x700x700 mm @ 220°C)
- Each oven has the ability to monitor and record vacuum and/or pressure levels to provide the customer with a further guarantee.



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QC - Quality Control

- x1 3D Scanner Accuracy 0.025mm → dedicated to reverse engineering processes and geometric tolerance control 

- x1 Ultrasonic Scanner   5 Hz to 6000 Hz to certify the structural integrity of finished components

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